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Below is list of advertisers and sponsors. With their help our programs remain strong.
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Angelillo Family

Carrillo Family

The Cloutier Family

Curry/Shirley Family

Doman Family

Enright Family

Ford Family

Allison & Carlo Gallo - Family Health & Wellness

The Jepsen Family

Dr. Douglas L. Kay DDS

Sean & Robin Nelson

The Palmieri Family

The Reif Family

Beth and Joel Spenadel

Tillack Family

The Washington Family

The Wroble Family

Yarosz Family

Booster Boards Bylaws & Policies

Executive Booster Board

Mark Pfefferman - Co-President
Martha Pfefferman - Co-President
Monica Padera - 1st Vice President
Nan Reynolds - 2nd Vice President
Gabriella Bean - Treasurer
Andrea Leppert - Secretary

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  • All elected officers and committee chairpersons are to follow and uphold the Booster Bylaws, Standing Rules and Committee Procedures of the Organization Chairman (or designated committee member) are highly encourged to attend ALL meetings and act on behalf of their
    committee to assist in the decision making of the organization.
  • All must be paid members of the organization.
  • Financial procedures for deposits, check requests, etc. are to be used at all times.
  • Changes in the budget are to be presented for approval a minimum of 2 months prior to the event at a general meeting.
  • Communication to the general booster membership (email) or letters to the membership need approval from the president(s) and/or principal prior to distribution.
  • Thank you recognition following the event and written thank you notes to individuals or businesses are to be sent as needed.
  • Keep written notes, folder or notebook with documenetion of the event and ideas suggestions if applicable. Prepare report summary for event to be shared at booster meeting and given to officers.
  • All binding contracts are to be reviewed and signed by both Booster President and Committee Chair
    prior to being given to the treasurer for deposit requests